Our Story

How Five One Nine Clothing began

519 hoodieAs two first year business students at Western University, Tyler and I had the crazy idea of extending our education by actually starting up a business in order to hopefully apply what we were learning. When trying to come up with an idea, we realized that we wanted to make it something that meant something to both of us. Both of us had lived in the 519 area our whole life, and have had many great experiences here. We decided to try to show our love for the 519 through our brand, which is when the idea Five One Nine Clothing was born. With this in mind, we also knew that we wanted to contribute to what makes this area so great. Therefore, we decided to donate 10% of our proceeds to mental health initiatives and partnered up with FEMAP at the London Health Sciences Centre. 

Why mental health?

mental health ribbonBeing university students, we were able to see first hand the impact that mental health had on peoples lives. With it becoming a growing issue affecting many of our peers, it was an easy decision, and when we met with FEMAP (who also treated people our age), we knew we had found the perfect fit! FEMAP, being donor funded, has struggled to meet the demands for their services and has as long as 9 month wait periods to see a specialist! Often times, it is difficult to work up the courage to admit that help is needed, only to be told that the wait time is 9 months when most patients need immediate care. Therefore, we were founded with two main goals in mind; first, to create awareness for mental health conditions in order to decrease the stigma surrounding the topic, and second, to help FEMAP eliminate wait times for those who seek their assistance.

Our Mission: